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Main Points

  • You use 'at' to talk about a place as a point.
  • You use 'in' to talk about a place as an area
  • You use 'on' to talk about a place as a surface

   1. You use 'at' when you are thinking of place as point in space  
       She waited at the bus stop for over twenty minutes.
       Where were you last night ?' - 'At Mick's house. '

    2. You also use 'at' with words such as 'back', 'bottom', 'end', 'front', and 'top' to talk about the                different parts of a place.
        Mrs Castle was waiting at the bottom of the stairs.
        They escaped by the window at the back of the house.
        I saw a taxi at the end of the street.

        You use 'at' with public places and institutions. Note that you also say 'at home' and  'at work'.

         I have to be at the station by ten o'clock.
         We landed at the small airport.
         A friend of mine is at Training College .
         She wanted to stay at home

to be continue

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